We are a diverse multidisciplinary group comprised of members with diverse expertise, backgrounds and skills ranging from biology, genetics, medicine, health informatics, clinical bioinformatics, genetic epidemiology, public health, epidemiology, computational biology, to data science, computer science, engineering, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, statistics and mathematics.

Professor Georgios Gkoutos PhD DIC FRSB FRSM

The group, located at the Institute of Translational Medicine, is led by Professor Georgios Gkoutos, who heads the ITM AI for Health Centre.

Prof Gkoutos holds the Chair of Clinical Bioinformatics, a joint appointment between the University of Birmingham Medical School and the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust. He is a Faculty Affiliate Professor of Digital Health at Berkeley Lab, Associate Director of Health Data Research UK, Co-Director of the WCH-Birmingham Research Institute and Alan Turing Fellow.

His main interests lie within the areas of clinical and biomedical informatics, health data science, multimodal multiomics integrative analytics, genetic epidemiology, public health, computational biology, artificial intelligence for health, and translational research aiming at the discovery of molecular origins of human disease and the development of novel disease diagnostic and intervention strategies.


HDR Manager

Kevin Dunn


Dr. Animesh Acharjee

Senior Research fellow

Dr.Furqan Aziz

Post-doctoral fellow

Dr. Andrey Barsky

Alan Turing Institute fellow

Dr. Tanmay Basu

Post-doctoral fellow

Dr. Saisakul Chernbumroong

Post-doctoral fellow

Dr. Andreas Karwath

Rutherford fellow

Dr. Krishnarajah Nirantharakumar

UKRI fellow

Dr. Patricia Rojas

Post-doctoral fellow

Dr. Luke Slater

Post-doctoral fellow

Dr. John Williams

Post-doctoral fellow

Dr. Yuanwei Xu

Post-doctoral fellow

Victor Cardoso

Research associate

Vartika Bisht

Research assistant

Dr.Xiaoxia Wang

Post-doctoral fellow

PhD Students

Eslam Al-Hersh
Laura Bravo
Jie Wang
Simrat Gill
Rebecca Lee
Nabeela Shabbir Malik
Jemma Lucy Mytton
Samantha Pendleton
Dominic Russ
David Brind
Genevieve Monaghan

Clinical Fellows

Dino Motti

Public Health

Simrat Gill

Cardiovascular Sciences

Jie Wang

Cardiovascular Sciences

Nabeela Shabbir Malik


MSc Students

Silver Makepeace Murnoe
Alexander Carberry
Sophie Russel
Katrina Nash
Winner Adegbuyi
Evie Monanghan
Vasileios Vasileiou
Roshan Shafiha
Basak Bahcivanci
Tolupe Balagon
Haoyu Wang


Hanouf AlHattan
Alina Bazarova
Jun Chen
Faye Cleary
Lavanya Deenadayalu
Jamie Ferro
Vasilieios Kolias
Dino Motti
Archana Oates
Abdulelah Alneghaimish
Nouran Rehan
Fathy Shalaby
Konstantina Koukourikou
Joseph Larkman
Megan Jeniffer Murnoe


The group is currently involved in >£45M worth of grant funding.

Such revenue comes from a diversity of sources both nationally as well internationally.

Research Hubs

The group is current involved on a number of hubs. These include:

The Health Data Research Hub for Acute Care


The Health Data Research Hub for Eye Health


DEMAND Hub - Data-Enabled Medical technologies ANd Devices Hub

Clinical Trials

The group is current involved on a number of clinical trials. These include:

Transforming clinical trials at General Practices in the NHS


PET-CT guided, symptom-based, patient-initiated advanced head neck cancer surveillance


Androgen precursor Dehydroepiandrosterone Pharmacokinetics in Trauma

Golden Hour

Brain biomarkers after trauma

Long Covid

Therapies for Long COVID in non-hospitalised individuals: From symptoms, patient reported outcomes and immunology to targeted therapies (The TLC Study)


The group is actively developing numerous novel computational open source tools, some examples can be found in our group's github repository.


The group has been established both locally, nationally and internationally and is involved in either by the PI or co-I membership of Gkoutos in the formation and establishment of a number of local, national and international, clinical trials, consortia, centres and institutes.

University of Birmingham
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
Institute of Translational Medicine

Institute of Cancer and Genomics

Centre for Computational Biology
West China Hospital, Sichuan University
Health Data Research UK (HDR UK)
Birmingham Health Partners
Alan Turing Institute


Want to collaborate? Join our lab? Contact us!

email: g.gkoutos@gmail.com

Work Address

Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK
Tel: +44 (0)121 414 3882
Institute of Translational Medicine
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, B15 2TT, UK
Tel: +44 (0)121 371 8146